5 Ways Blogging Has Already Improved My Life

Blogging is more than just writing about the things you like. It’s about fostering creativity, self-reflection, and discovering new interests! I started this journey as a way to learn more about web design, but my new hobby has already proven to be beneficial in ways I never even imagined. Here’s 5 ways blogging has (already) improved my life!



1. Allows me to try new things

There are certain hobbies, recipes, and activities I’ve always been interested in, but haven’t really had a reason to attempt. Blogging has given me that reason. It excites me to think that by sharing my interests, and skills, I might inspire someone out there in the world to expand their horizons, and try something new!

2. Forces me to schedule my day

Running two blogs (yep, two! I also run Desk 3 Design) forces me to structure my day and stick to a schedule. My goal is to post pretty much everyday to each blog, but I also have to keep up on house chores, and my work responsibilities. I’ve started dividing my day into specific time slots for each of these tasks, and since I only have a few hours to devote to each one, there’s no time for being lazy! (At least not everyday.)

3. Gives me a creative outlet

My creative brain feels like it’s constantly on overdrive. I love brainstorming ideas for crafts, and DIY projects to make. The blogging community is perfect for creative (and kind of shy) people like me because it supplies you with endless amounts of inspiration,  people to connect with… and who knows, maybe one of your ideas will become a new trend!

4. Adds purpose to my day

We all need to feel like we have a purpose in life. It’s the only way to feel fulfilled as we go about our day-to-day activities. Call me crazy, but I feel like blogging has given my life more purpose. Every night I go to bed feeling super excited to wake up the next morning, because it means I can write more blog posts! It’s a great feeling when your posts help someone improve their life, or when other bloggers share and support your ideas.

5. Boosts my confidence

Since starting my blog(s) I’ve noticed an increase in my self confidence. I feel empowered to express myself in any way I see fit. Plus, it’s been really fun working on refining my person brand, and finding new ways to communicate who I am, and what my beliefs are. It’s made me realize that there’s pretty much no wrong way to express who you are, as long as at the end of the day you can go to sleep knowing you did all you could to embrace the real you.

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  1. Hey Kaitlin, this is a nice reflection. Blogging has benefitted me similarly. But I don’t think I realised until reading your words. Have you tried scheduling blog posts out in advance? I’ve been doing this recently as a way to make more time. Allocate one whole day just to blog posts, bang out a weeks worth then use the rest of the week for something else. WordPress makes it easy

    1. Thanks Zac, I’ve used tailwind to schedule social media posts in advance, but I never knew wordpress offered that service for blog posting! I’ll definitely look into it. Thanks for the tip! (:

      1. Yeah Kaitlin, make a blog post as normal. Then instead of hitting publish, change the publish date and the button will now say schedule. Works like a charm!

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