Our Wedding Story, Part 1: How We Met


I’m marrying the coolest guy ever this October and we’re sharing our whole trip down the aisle right here on the Certified Sweetheart blog! Follow our story as we navigate through all of the craziness that comes with planning a wedding (there’s sure to be lots of it!). I hope you enjoy Our Wedding Story, Part 1: How We Met. I’ll do my best not to bore you with too much sappiness!

Part 1: How We Met

I moved to my current city back in 2012 to attend college. During my time in school, I started working at a banquet center on my college’s campus. There was a boy there named Lucas and I remember the first time I saw him (wearing his tight black polo, lol) I thought to myself “he seems like he’d be a cool person to date” but I quickly wrote that off as a silly daydream, and nothing more.

I met one of my bridesmaids, Lydia, while working there too, and she just so happened to be friends with Lucas. As luck would have it, I started running into Lucas outside of work more, and more. We all drank together (as most college friends do), and Lucas held bonfires at his parent’s house often, so there was ample opportunity for me to get to know him (at least I hoped).

Lucas had a reputation for being a bit of a serial dater, and that definitely was a slight turnoff (but that’s a story for another day). I understood he was young and knew how most guys his age viewed “serious relationships”. I pretty much convinced myself that nothing romantic would ever come of it.

Fast forward a few months later, and Lucas and I gradually began hanging out more and more. I remember one night he called me and asked if I wanted to pick him up to go for a drive, and hangout (he was drunk as a skunk, but I was sober as a judge), I agreed because A) I was bored, and B) I really wanted french fries (which I strongly suspected I could get him to buy for me).  We drove around for awhile that night, and yes, I eventually got my french fries.

On the way back to drop him off at his parent’s house, I stopped to get gas. I barely had time to put my car in park before Lucas was out of the car pumping my gas for me. When I offered him my card, he had already filled up my entire tank and paid for it. Pleasantly surprised, I thought to myself “maybe there’s hope for him after all.”

That night turned into a few consecutive nights of hanging out, where we would chill at my apartment talking about nothing, and laughing for hours. Before I knew it, Lucas was coming over almost daily. Turns out we just really enjoy being around each other! He’s so easy to talk to. For the first time in my life I didn’t feel nervous around someone I had a crush on. He left work at the banquet center for a new job, not long after we started hanging out. His new job involved traveling out of state for installs, so when the topic of dating came up he was hesitant at first.

About a week later we were drinking at Lydia’s apartment and we decided to go get food. When we returned Lucas and I were walking up the apartment stairs when out of nowhere I blurted out (in the most confident voice I have ever heard come out of my mouth), “So are we dating or what?!”. His answer, of course, was…

“…Sure” followed by an awkward shrug, but that’s all the answer I needed.

Two weeks later we were living together (also a story for another time). Call it crazy but it just felt like the right thing to do. 3 years later, we decided to get engaged, pretty much in the same (casual) way we had begun dating just a few years before… and the rest is history!

Be sure to check out the next post in Our Wedding Story series, where I’ll give you an exclusive peek at our engagement photo session – Coming soon!

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