If There’s One Thing You Should Buy in 2018, It’s An Animal Onesie

IMG_0903Okay so, you’re probably thinking: “why the hell do I need an adult onesie?” I’ll answer that question in two words: MAXIMUM COMFORT. I was definitely skeptical when I first saw that “adult onesies” were trending… I could not figure out why so many people were obsessed with them! At $50 – $70 a pop, they’re a bit pricier than your standard set of pjs. But rest assured, these are so much more than pajamas!

There’s a wide variety of websites where you can buy these onesies, but beware: quality varies from site to site. I’ve seen them for sale on Amazon for $20, but I don’t recommend purchasing one for $40 or less. The cheaper the price, the thinner the material will be. When in doubt, opt for one in the $50-$60 range.

My favorite place online to buy these onesies is Kigurumi-Shop. They have nearly every animal, and they’re all unbelievably adorable.

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Kigurumi-Shop is the best online onesie store

Kigurumi-Shop.com has the best selection of characters, in my opinion. You’ll find walruses, llamas, sloths, dinosaurs, and even UNICORNS. They also carry some licensed characters like Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon (my personal favorite). The choices are endless, and it took me like an hour to decide which one I should get when I first decided to buy one. It’s virtually impossible to choose your favorite. They’re so cuddly and cute you’ll want to buy every single one!

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Don’t you just love them?!

Let’s talk about the most important reason you should buy one: COMFORT! These things are out-of-this-world comfy-cozy. They also keep you help keep you warm (perfect for all this cold weather we’ve been getting!). You can wear clothes underneath them, or nothing at all. They’re made from a thick fleece material, but are designed to be loose-fitting; so you won’t feel overheated or get too chilly.

They’re great for relaxation too. Throw on your onesie when you’re lounging around the house, or doing weekend chores, and you’ll be super comfy all day (a must-buy for any serious Netflix binger!) And let’s be honest, most of us turn into major couch potatoes as soon as the clock strikes 5pm on Friday… but hanging out in ratty old sweatpants all weekend can sometimes make you feel like a lazy bum! So what’s a girl to do? Trade in her comfy clothes for a cute (usually too tight) outfit you’d see on the pages of Vogue? Hell no! Fortunately, these onesies are comfort and cuteness all rolled into one.

Let’s talk about what great gifts they make! They come in two sizes, regular and XL, so choosing the perfect size isn’t any trouble at all. They’re made to be “loose-fitting” and the regular size will fit most people under 6ft tall. If you happen to be over 6ft tall, go with the XL size. It’s so simple! The front opening is usually secured with buttons, although I’ve seen other websites sell some with zippers (if that’s more your style).


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Aside from making awesome gifts, and being very cozy, they double as great halloween costumes (be sure to check out the kids section on Kigurumi’s website). They’ll keep your whole family nice and toasty while you trick-or-treat next October! They also sell other products like sushi costumes for your cat, and funny mascot heads! So what’re you waiting for?! Head over to Kigurumi-Shop today to pick out your favorite animal! (and don’t forget to snag a matching one for your SO while you’re there too).

Now Let’s Go Shopping!




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